Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Use your stash

So how have I got organised?  I am continually looking for ways to save time with my scrapbooking as time is so precious.  Over time I have built up some great supplies and then some not so great ones.  As I pulled out my old products I knew that I wanted to use them.  My youngest son scored lots of fun things for his crafting adventures.  But, what to do with the things that were usable.   Well I came across an awesome e-course through Elise Blaha-Cripe that she had written for A Beautiful Mess.  Use Your Stash has been a great kick start on using what I have.  It started with setting some goals and being clear about the direction that you want to head.

My biggest stash item was alpha stickers.  Once you have used up the main letters just what do you do with the rest?  When I first started scrapbooking (yes those alphas you see below are from my Creative Memories days when I started in 2002) I went with the sticker option.  While they are easier, I have switched to alpha dies and stamps as a result of the frustration of not having the right letter or colour .  Elise had some great ideas that I added to from a post at Studio Calico using up your leftover alphas.

My next oldie is stickers and paper packs.  When I bought these they were great to use but once I had done a couple of layouts with them the leftovers weren't so appealing.  Gone are the days that I buy specialty themed papers.
 The layout for this one came from a layout by Marcy Penner.  Love how she uses stitching.
 In the past I have tended to use larger areas of patterned paper but I am loving the layered look and how it tones down the brighter papers where you just get a peek of each of the designs without it being overwhelming.  The idea that Elise gave was giving different elements homes.  I used the frames to house the stickers that I chose to use.

While I didn't do layouts for each of the ideas that Elise gave I did use the ideas to try some new things like how I use my washi.  I have been looking at making more of my own embellishments and it was a great chance to do this before looking at buying new products.

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