Sunday, September 21, 2014

Use It or Lose It

You may have seen from my Workspace Wednesday post that I have been having a clear out and looking at using up different kits that I had put together.  These were the result of the bits and pieces that I found.

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 It took some time to get into it.  The papers are brighter and busier than I am currently using.  However once I got into it I actually enjoyed putting the pieces together and liked the end result.  And the best thing is now the kit isn't hanging about and I have some great cards to give away.

I had some of the pink ribbon and buttons left and while I could have put them away I decided to keep them out and designed another couple of cards to use the last of the bits.  I had matched the ribbon to my mist but when I went to spray it was more red than I had anticipated.  So I made two cards at the same time.

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