Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

I love the idea that Marcy Penner has for Workspace Wednesday.  A little glimpse into what she is up to right then.  So I thought I would join in and share mine.  This is about what my space looks like of late.  I seem to get just enough time to get a project done.  This one was a card for a workmate of my husbands. Then not quite time to tidy after. 

The great thing is that thanks to organising things the way that I have it takes just a few minutes to get it all reset ready for more creating.  Loving it

These jars have been a fabulous addition to my space.  All my embellishments are out in view and easy to pick up and use. It has been a great way to use up bits and pieces that have been sitting in my stash for some time.  They are the first things that I go to.

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