Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Starting with my supplies

Having sorted and resorted my supplies with the move out to the studio I am using what I have and more importantly what I love.  So I am on the look out when I am at craft stores for new things to add to what I have.  I picked up this Kaiser sticker sheet and added it to a set of project life cards that I had.  Usually I start with my photos but this time I had the colours so then searched for photos that worked with it.  I kept it fairly simple.  Definitely a different colour combo for me to work with.

Story Stamps - AM/PM

The story stamp for February from Ali Edwards was AM/PM.  A look at everyday life in the morning and evening. I found some stories to tell from a different perspective.  Am looking forward to how I can use this set with my Week in the Life album as well.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Story Stamps - Gather

It all started with this

With my monthly subscription to Ali Edwards story stamps I wanted to be more organised and get more out of what each month has to offer.  This was the first time that I have had the space in the studio to work and having sorted more of my supplies the chance came up to spread out and get busy.  While the subscription comes out on the 15th of the month it takes at least 10 days for the stamp set to arrive.  So while I am waiting I have taken the time to watch the videos and pull out the stories that I want to tell along with the supplies that I want to use with it.  This month I had a number of photos that had similar colours so I made one kit with a mixture of bits and pieces to use.

This month the theme was gatherings.  Had some great stories to choose from.

Cards, cards, cards

So thankful that I have a great stash of cards tucked away.  Especially at this time of year when most of our birthdays are it is great to have them "good to go"  So I had a chance to stock up on cards for later in the year.   A bit of this and that.  Am certainly a bit rusty it seems.  My favourites were the notes cards.

With so many I haven't included my usual list of bits and pieces that I have used.  So if there are any that you want to know leave a comment and I can let you know.

While I was away

So life goes on.  I can't believe how much life has notched up a gear over the last six months.  This year particularly has seen us head into the teenage years with our eldest and the activities that have started with all our boys.  While I have been wanting to keep up my blog, as it is just a hobby it has taken a back seat to life.  I have however been scrapping.  Most is because our studio space is now finished and through my subscription to Ali Edwards story stamps.  A monthly stamp set with awesome teaching videos, a gallery and community of story tellers.  While some months there haven't been many stories I am getting more into the swing of it and finding stories to tell.

These first two are using stamps from the daily stamp set. from November.

These next two are from the firsts stamp set from December

Then while I was on a roll I had other photos that I have been wanting to scrap so I kept going

 I went back and used some of the previous months stamps and ideas 

So good to get my stories told
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