Saturday, April 25, 2015

While I was away

So life goes on.  I can't believe how much life has notched up a gear over the last six months.  This year particularly has seen us head into the teenage years with our eldest and the activities that have started with all our boys.  While I have been wanting to keep up my blog, as it is just a hobby it has taken a back seat to life.  I have however been scrapping.  Most is because our studio space is now finished and through my subscription to Ali Edwards story stamps.  A monthly stamp set with awesome teaching videos, a gallery and community of story tellers.  While some months there haven't been many stories I am getting more into the swing of it and finding stories to tell.

These first two are using stamps from the daily stamp set. from November.

These next two are from the firsts stamp set from December

Then while I was on a roll I had other photos that I have been wanting to scrap so I kept going

 I went back and used some of the previous months stamps and ideas 

So good to get my stories told

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