Thursday, September 25, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

With all my scrapbooking time lately I have been completing lots of great projects that have been sitting about for way to long.  I am almost ready to embark on new projects and so I had to stock up on supplies that I can't do without.  The first is white cardstock.  I have been searching for some time to find a supply at a good price.  I prefer non textured and have been using the paper insert that comes with the page protectors that I get.  With stitching on them I need two per protector and so I end up with loads of page protectors. So I was more than a little happy to find a stash of white cardstock in the bargain bin at the stationery store.

And I have been building up my containers of goodies and am loving the way that Marcy Penner and Stephanie use bowls and baskets for their little bits and pieces.  It just makes you want to use them.  Looking forward to going for treasure hunts through my goodies to add to these bowls.

And where would I be without my trusty adhesive.  Everyone has their preferences when it comes to what they use.  I discovered these gems a while ago and they have stuck (pardon the pun).  I get them in bulk from a packaging place in town.  I used to get just one box but am finding now that I am scrapping more I go through a lot more.

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