Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

The idea behind Workspace Wednesday came from Marcy Penner.  A glimpse into what is happening in her space right now.  It is making me get into creating.  Something more to share than the final product. Sometimes it is hard to get motivated to create.  When you have a reason to it helps even if it is just me here.

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On my desk right now are a series of cards in progress using these bits and pieces.  With all my organising I got to my kits that I had set up a while ago (these are papers from the Stampin Up Celebration from 2013)  I had used some of the papers and embellishments and as you do the last bits tend to get left.  They are never as inspiring as when they are new and you have fresh ideas for using them.  So I dug around in my stash and added some sentiment cards and started creating.  The leftovers this time will be added back into my colour stash to be used with something else.

I have a few other kits the same.  Most are girly products which don't end up on my scrapping pages so I will be giving my card stash a good boost.  What about you have you got several kits or products that you have put together to use and they are still sitting there?  Time to get them out and create something with them.  Try adding a few new items to freshen it up.  Or break up what you have and mix them up with something totally different.

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