Sunday, November 15, 2009

A page and a card

This is a card I made with pieces I had left from the page that I completed. A friend had been on a retreat where one of the ladies had done just that. On completing a page you have all the coordinating bits so why not make a card. So I thought I would have a go. I guess I will have to do a few more before I pass judgement on how effective it is. It didn't take much time to put together. I usually put all my scraps into one bag until I have a few to put away. This is where I got my pieces for these cards. Always after new tips for getting things done.

This is the page that the pieces were from.
Who says you can't have lots of photos on a page? I had only allowed one page for this layout and thought I wouldn't be able to use all the photos I had. But after some creative cropping I was pleased with how it came together. I loved how the colours worked together. Retro again. I seem to recall a similar photo of me with my parents outside this same tent when I was young. Ahh the memories.

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