Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A project long overdue

Whenever I sit down to scrap I usually have a plan about what I am wanting to get done. On this occasion however I managed to get sidetracked onto a pile of things that have been sitting there for a while needing to be looked at. Being me I seem to have creative block when I have piles of unfinished bits especially when they are in sight. So I was able to tick one more thing of the list of to do's. I had made the outfits using my Klutz paper fashion kit, about a year ago for a retreat for goody bags and they were left over. I have been making cards to sell at kindy and wanted to add them to the box. I chose a simple layout and matched up colours with a bit of patterned or embossed paper with a bit of ribbon and I was suprised how quickly they came together. Looking forward to getting back to my projects again.

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