Thursday, May 5, 2011

I have been scrapbooking

Having spent some time on my older boys pages I have been working on my now 5 year olds pics. I put together my Revolutionize page packs and thought I would try something a bit different. Rather than completing them page by page I started by doing several just putting together the photos and papers with a few embellishments. Then I would go back and do all the titles and journalling and lastly the embellishments. And with life as it is I got as far as step one and not much further. I think I like the idea of it as you can focus on one aspect at a time but I definitely need to be scrapping more regularly to see the benefits ie: completed pages.

I have also been trying different ideas that I have seen and liked especially with embellishments. The layout of the train birthday gave me a chance to use my page dividers as well. At the moment I am using photos that I have but I am looking forward to printing some more recent ones which also means lots of photos. I have always tried to put as many on a page as I can but with digital I have loads more so page dividers are a great way to include the extras in an album without having to scrap them all. A while ago I had go at using them {you can see them here}

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