Thursday, March 17, 2011

A long overdue project

Well over a year ago we renovated our boys bedrooms. Mainly to get out then 7 month old out of our room and into his own. He is now 2. At the time I decided it would be fun to have a go at some small canvas off the page projects to finish of the rooms. This mainly being because there was a 50% sale on canvases at the time. And that was as far as I got. So the test pots and canvases have sat in a bag on my floor and been shifted around waiting for the motivation to get on to it. The time had come. Last week I finally got them out and got on to it.

So I started and while I had in mind what I was going to do, just a bit of the colour and some basic shapes, it didn't really pan out and look anything like something that I wanted to hang on their walls. Until I found the exact colours in striped patterned paper to add a stripe and tie it together and some rub ons. What had nearly headed for disaster turned into something that I really liked. It certainly helped that I had been learning about embracing the imperfections of our work and working then into the final product.

Now I just need to get them up on the wall.

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