Thursday, May 9, 2013

International Scrapbooking Day @

But wait there is more........
Over 100 PRIZES, valued at $178 EACH, and with 28 HAND-PICKED items included! WOWZERS!

I had signed up for the Big Picture Classes Creative Crop and discovered here that there were all sorts of other exciting things happening around the web.  So I thought I would check it out while I had the day to myself.  Be sure to scroll down to find out more!

Door Prize Challenge:  Just for showing up!
Have a Hot Mess:  Show your mess and at the end clean up and take another shot to share.
With so many challenges the desk looked even worse as the day went on.
With everything having a place to live and the way that I organize it didn't take too much to whip it back into shape.  I will have to add some of the new ways I have added to my space to help me organize. I have also joined in the Get Organized Class at  Great info and tips and at the moment it's free!

Get it together:  Organise your photos and share how you do it
With all the photos I have recently had printed this was a necessity if I wanted to get anything done
This is the file box that I keep all my photos in
After doing Stacy Julian's Start Here With Stacy Class I am loving being freed up from scrapping chronologically and getting my stories told.
 I keep a diary of the different things that I want to remember as well as 
tucking in all the bits and pieces from the events.

 Ways to Washi:  There was a great video to check out with different ways to washi 
{a new supply that I love learning new ways to use.
This was my favourite layout for these challenges

Insta-Scrap It: Get your phone photos scrapped.
You Spin me right round baby:  Use a pinwheel on your page

Snail Mail:  Create a set of 6 cards to have ready to give away
I have a plan for these ones as thankyou's to go along with a rocky road treat

Sketch It:  Use the sketch to inspire your layout

Don't be so negative:  Use a shaped punch or die  to create a "negative" overlay for a layout
I got the idea for this one from a page that I had in my idea folder.  
I used the negative circles to fill in with embellishments

Party on the Page:  Use a traditional party-type embellishment on a layout... like goodie bags, straws, banners, crepe streamers, etc
I used streamers from a pinata
 And here is the exciting thing................  I won! with this layout.  That's right I could hardly believe it when I saw my name listed on the challenge as one of the winners.  You can see the sneak preview of the prizes here.  Someone has gone through and listed in the comments what they think they are.  A big prize!  I was thrilled just to get my layouts done and have a day to myself to do it. What a bonus. 

A very happy scrapper
Thank you to for a great day of challenges and fun

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Lynn said...

Congratulations on absolutely wonderful layouts. How fabulous that you are capturing your families memories!

Steph said...

What awesome layouts and challenges Colleen! It looks like you had so much fun. Well done to you.

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