Saturday, May 18, 2013

28 Days of Sketches - Sketch One and Three

28 Days of Sketches
So it begins.  This is the first sketch with 27 more to come.

Using a sketch really pushes you outside your comfort zone.  From experience that is something that you want to do.  It allows you to discover things you might never have had thought of and those things that you may not like.

Because there was more to this story I decided to use another of the sketches for the second page.  Loving that I had recorded the memory in my diary/log book so I could include the photo I didn't take so the whole story was there.  You can see another of my non-photo records at this post {second layout}  a challenge from a crop day that came from the blog Unphotographable dedicated to all the times when you don't have your camera or it just isn't possible or appropriate to take a photo but you want to remember the moment.


Diana said...

Great memory page. Visiting from Find your photo style.

Diana said...

super cool layouts. Visiting from Find your photo style.

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