Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Stamps all in a row

Where have I got to? It is safe to assume that I have been sorting again.  My birthday pressie was stamps from Papertrey Ink and I have been pondering what to do with my growing collection.  With cleaning out and organising our CD, DVD and video {yes we still had one} , I decided to steal away the rimu tower that we had CD's in gathering dust and use it for a much better purpose.  The Papertrey Ink stamps are already in CD cases and I have transferred a number of other clear stamps as well.  With just a few more spaces to fill it is probably a good thing that they have changed their storage to DVD cases.  So much happier now I can access all my stamps.  I keep  all my other stamps in a set of plastic drawers.  You can see them in this post under the desk

What about you?  Is your stamp collection growing?  Do you have stamps that you haven't used {or maybe even opened}?  Maybe its time to do some sorting so you can use them better.  Leave a comment or email me at revolutionizeu@gmail.com if you need any suggestions.

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