Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Home Blessings - Week One

The first project for the class was to make a blessing bird or something similar.  After looking about for something to use I came across a teapot. As I was putting my project together it became more and more clear that I had indeed chosen something that had special significance for me.  Last year my Nana passed away and I had asked my mother to choose a special tea cup and saucer set that I could have to remember her {you can see it below}.  Someone else in the class had used a piggy bank that they were going to write their blessing on and place inside throughout the year to look back on.   The teapot is perfect for keeping these in. My journey in reading 1000 gifts by Ann Voskamp has led me to be more aware of the blessings in my life and now I have somewhere to keep them.  While I don't drink tea one of the stickers is - relax daily.  For me the symbol of the teapot is to take time and sit,  often with a friend, which is something that I want to do more of.

It was necessary to use thin tissue like paper for covering your project and I found an old dictionary that I had put away for using at such a time as this.  I had chosen to use a sheet of word stickers by Kaiser for the finishing touches. I found the definitions for them {live, journey, laugh, enjoy, imagine} and used them for the outer layers.  As I layered the base I discovered other words that have had special meaning such as give.  So fitting as my word of the year 2012 was define.  This year I have chosen enough and thought it was fitting to include it on my project.  A passing from the old to the focus of the new.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole project, especially since it is something new for me.
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