Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Finding your Photo Style

Finding Your Photo Style
At the end of Week Three of the class.  Not one photo taken.  As I look back at the latest photos that are on my camera I see they are all of my crafting projects.  Time to get snapping.  You can be as organised as you like but when things come up projects like this seem to take a back seat.

I decided to take the class because it was just what I needed to get inspired by my photographs.  I shoot in automatic and I want to explore just what I can do.  I look back at photos that I have taken and the ones I love tend to jump out among the rest.

So in my style I look at what I have done then look at the next thing and do it.  You can get overwhelmed by everything needing to be done all at once.  It's too big so you do nothing.  But I can do one thing.  What I have done is watched the videos and downloaded the handouts.  Now I am set to take photos for the assignments.

While I would love photos of my gorgeous boys, good weather and willing participants are few so I will probably focus more on still shots.  Hers's to happy snapping!

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