Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

Each Wednesday I will be posting pictures of my workspace.  Workspace Wednesday came from Marcy Penner and I love the idea of the glimpse into what is currently on my desk, and it gives me motivation to keep working in my creative space.  

I used to go for long spaces between crafting and it took a long time to get back into it once I did find the time.  With all my organising of late I am finding it easier to sit and do little bits here and there.  So last week I bought some little bowls to fill with goodies.  I came across The Thrifty Scrapbooker blog through the Workspace Wednesday links and have been enjoying her process videos.  Lots of little gems to take away from it, including the way that she uses her stash.  Amazing what can be done with even the smallest scraps and a corner rounder punch.

So I went through my stash and I was amazed at how many goodies that I have that I can use for extra details when I look at them in a different way.  I have also cut dies of tags, tickets, banners and tabs to be stamped as I use them.  My bowls are now filled with goodies ready to be used.

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Seems I have a love for turquoise just like Suse!

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