Saturday, May 3, 2014

NSD - Get it together challenge

NSD at

So the challenge was to sort your photos using whatever system you have.  I have just recently printed out a bunch of photos that have been sitting in the box that they came in so this is a great challenge to get me started.  I already have a box that I keep my photos divided in.  I have different sections for each of the boys and my hubby and I.  Then after revisiting Stacey Julian's Photo Freedom organisation I have different categories where I file the rest.  Us, People we love, Family, Things we do, Places we go, and Celebrations. Most of my new photos are birthdays so it was easy to divide into the different sections.

 A while ago I had pulled apart my diary logs (you can read a bit more about what I had been using from last years post) to see what stories I am wanting to tell.  So the back part of my box has last years stories waiting for photos.
 After saying for a number of years that I will print more photos on a regular basis I actually am doing it this year.  Each month I have been filing away the bits and pieces that go with stories I have to tell.  I have also been keeping a different journal {I will save this for another post}.  So I have the first three months of this year printed and now sorted ready to scrap.

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