Monday, May 26, 2014

NSD - @ Big Picture Classes

NSD at Big Picture Classes

So the challenge was on. 10,000 layouts posted at Instagram.  As a newbie, it was fun checking out the different things that you could do.  By the end I had the posting down pat.  While the challenge was to get to 10K with whatever projects you had done, each of the guest designers had a different inspiration so I went with each one to see what I could come up with.

Stacey Julian - Use a grid over your whole page.  
Her tip - when you find something you like use it over again

 Cathy Zielske - Be you.  What makes your style unique?
Her tip - Comparison is the thief of joy.  Don't always believe everything you see.  Have fun.  Her video certainly was.  This was a great watch.
I am slowly seeing just what I like.  White backgrounds, handwritten journalling, stitching, grid photos, layering, clustered embellishments.

Heidi Swapp - Use your mists to decorate your chipboard.  
Aha moment when she shows how to use the mists.  Starting to get the hang of it.  Note to self they don't always work on all surfaces.

Celine Nevarro - Using your journal/project life cards on a layout. 
She has such a beautiful mixed media style.  I started out with the idea and decided to keep it plain rather than use embossing and misting here as I loved the look of the cards as they were with the photos that I had chosen to work with.

Jennifer Wilson - Start with what you know but don't be afraid to experiment with a creative idea and let go of the rules once in a while.
Her layout had triangles as the background base and I was reminded of a layout I had pinned by Stephanie Bryan.  The triangles and the colour combo inspired this CASE.

Katrina Kennedy - Upload and print your photos
This is something I have definitely been working on.  I went through all my boys birthdays and school starts and printed photos for the layouts.  This one has been waiting a while to be scrapped.  He is now 8!

Maggie Holmes - Layering and memory logging
Her tip - keep a bag of neutrals handy for layering.  She keeps a notebook to jot down events so when you are ready to scrap the notes are all there ready to journal.  I have been doing this for the last three years.  It makes such a difference to my journalling

Natalie Elphinstone - Work with a kit but limit your colour combo.  
I put together my own kits and usually start with the colours from the photos.  Loving the layered look and having a play with how this works for me.

Becky Higgins - Involve  your family in your project life pages
This was fun.  I got my son to pick out the photos and cards and he even got in on the journaling all be it reluctantly.  He did tell the story and get me to write the rest.

Ali Edwards - Use grids for homes for your journaling
Her tip - try and chose just one photo to tell the story and always remember to add the date
I had two layouts of my son's last days at kindy so I hit repeat and got both of their pages done with this challenge.

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A whole lot of fun and a whole lot more layouts to add to albums.

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