Monday, June 15, 2015

{Inter}national Scrapbooking Day @

The challenges for the day were structured quite differently this year.  Instead of separate challenges you had the opportunity to check out all the free classes that they have on offer.  There were loads to choose from and lots to learn.  Several were organisation based (time for a posted update on my space I think).  These layouts were from a couple of the other classes.  While in the past they have selected winners at random, this year they were selected based on how well they represented what had been learnt in the class.

With so many opportunities to enter for prizes the one below was the one that won. It was nice to do something a little more girly for a change.  So I get $75 voucher to spend.  Yay!

And this was my favourite.  Seems watercolour effects are the thing at the moment.  Each site I played along with had a challenge.

There is something for everyone.  From mini albums to cards.  There were lots of great ideas and new techniques to try.


{Inter}national scrapbooking day is so much fun.  Definitely making sure I check it in on the calendar for next year.  Maybe I can get some others to join me for the fun.


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