Sunday, September 9, 2012

Big Idea Festival Day Five - Happy Creating

This challenge has to be my favourite yet. On Day Four I said my goal was to do more creating. This challenge has set me up so well for being motivated to scrap. May Flaum writes on the end of posts 'Happy Scrapping'. She gave some great tips for how to be happy scrapping. If you want to hear then sign up here. The class is free.

Nothing makes me happier than a sort out of my tools and supplies so I can be using them in the best way possible.  Something that has been challenging me a bit is wanting to scrap more with friends. But it is so hard to take everything you need.  So I cleared out my trolley that I have only been using for papers and found some different containers.  It also gave me a chance to clean out all the bits that I haven't been using that are clutttering up my good stuff.  I am going to put them together in kits to make better use of them.  Very tempted to sign up for May's Kit-tastic class.

After the sort I had some fun putting together a tag to add to the bag of the extras to add when I go out to scrap. 
Happy Crafting

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