Get Organised


I don't get enough time to scrapbook as it is,
how can I have the time to organise my supplies?”

Taking the time to do it saves you time long term and helps you rediscover forgotten gems. Although it takes valuable time, getting your supplies organised will mean that you are able to access what you want quickly and get on to doing what you really want to be doing. Those countless hours you spent looking for that one particular tool or embellishment will be better spent on the page that you want to create.

Getting organised is about sorting out what you have and
finding the best solution for you.

The Sorting Process
Start out by sorting your supplies into categories

  • Photos – These can be sorted by album eg:travel and then further into pages
  • Papers – These can be sorted by colour The number of divisions you make will depend on how many papers you have. Allow a pile for each of the colours in the spectrum, a neutral colours (browns, black, white) and one for patterned papers that don't fall into any one particular colour. You may also have a need to separate special papers or ones of a particular style eg: heritage or children. Include your offcuts.
  • Embellishments – Sort these into categories keeping alike items together. For example: fibres, threads and ribbons together, beads, brads and eyelets together.
  • Stickers and preprinted accents – divide your supplies into different types according to what you have. Categories could include: Alphabet and word stickers, borders, children, pets, special occasions (birthdays and Christmas).
  • Tools - Sort these into categories keeping alike items together. For example: stamps, inks and embossing powders, cutting tools and mats, adhesives, paints, writing instruments, punches, stencils, etc.
  • References – magazines, books, notes, Revolutionize Your Scrapbooking Ideas Folder

Choosing Storage Solutions
Once you have sorted your supplies you will be better able to see what sort of storage will be needed. Consider these key things when you are making decisions about what will work best.
  • The space that you have to scrap
  • whether you scrap on the go
  • what storage space you have
  • how accessible your supplies will be. Keep frequently used supplies on hand.
  • how easy they are to use and carry
  • how well they protect your supplies: eg if storing papers in an upright position, ensure they won't bend.

There are many different options available that range in price and don't necessarily have to be specifically made for craft. It pays to shop around and ask others what works for them.

As you build your collection of supplies your needs will change. Allow for room to expand your system as you go.

So what are you waiting for?
Get sorted – get organised – get creative!

Wanting to get even further organised?
Use the Revolutionize Your Scrapbooking Page Layout Kit to put together supplies to use on a particular page. It reduces the need to go through all your supplies every time you do a page. 

Want to see how I organise my space and supplies?
Check it out here  
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