Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

I said that each Wednesday I would be posting pictures of my workspace. Workspace Wednesday came from Marcy Penner and I love the idea of the glimpse into what is currently on my desk, and I wanted it to be motivation to keep working in my creative space.

So what happened?  Not even this has drawn me to my space. In my last post I said that we were on the home straight with our studio.  Seems not, it has taken another month for one reason and another to get to what now seems like the ending.  The floor is down today Yay!!! and so that just leaves the bathroom and toilet as major things to finish.  So in the meantime while I had finished the painting we have had to wait for the flooring to be ready and have had WOOFERS (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) on board.  It has been great to get the gardens planted and tidied up but there hasn't been much space for anything else.  And I have been frustrated.  It is so hard to sit down at my desk and look out at our studio space and want to be in it creating there.

So what is on my desk at the moment?  A reminder that I am heading in the right direction.  Right now I am helping my niece put together a photo board for her 21st.  Loving pulling bits and pieces out and putting them together how she wants it.

But it would be sooooo much easier in the studio right!!!

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